brave sir robin (siccajay) wrote,
brave sir robin


The names of the fonts used on the icons are in the alt tags, btw, except for the first because I don't remember what the word 'lie' was done in. All are shareable.

1. 04b_03b
2. 04b_03b and CrushNo47
3. 04b_03b and OnYourBike
4. 04b_03b and Gee Whiz
5. 04b_03 and Still Time
6. 04b_03 and OnYourBike
7. 04b_03b and Queen of Corona
8. 04b_03b and Queen of Corona
9. 04b_03b and Big Boy
10. 04b_03b and Queens of Corona
11. 04b_03b and CrushNo47
12. 04b_03 and Mcgannahan
13. 04b_03b and Pruneface
14. 04b
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